Hospital, medical and like expense benefits
1. The TAC can pay reasonable hospital, rehabilitation, medical and like expenses incurred as a result of transport accident injuries, above a medical excess which must be paid by you or Medicare. TAC will advise you of the TAC excess if it applies.

2. TAC will require proof of payment of the excess so receipts and accounts should be kept for this purpose.

3. The excess does not apply if you were admitted to hospital for more than one day.

4. Expenses must be submitted to TAC for payment within two years of the expense being incurred.

5. In certain circumstances TAC can also pay for other expenses including house keeping, child care, vehicle or home modifications, travelling expenses, home help or gardening assistance.

6. TAC’s liability to pay hospital, medical and like entitlements is not affected by any lump sum payment.


Loss of Earnings and Loss of Earning Capacity Benefits
1. TAC are not required to make any payment for any lost income sustained in the first five days from date of accident.

2. Medical Certificates stating that you are unable to work must be supplied to the TAC.

3. If you are unable to work as a result of injuries, TAC will pay 80% of your pre-accident weekly earnings. If a partial loss of earnings is sustained, TAC pay 85% of the difference between pre-accident and post-accident earnings. All payments are taxable and are subject to a statutory maximum amount.

4. After 18 months, TAC will review eligibility and where incapacity exists, make payment for loss of earning capacity. The amount paid is not taxable and is based on TAC’s estimate of your pre-accident earning capacity and can take into account any changed circumstances such as pay increases which you may have got if still working. The payment is subject to a statutory maximum.

5. Loss of earning capacity benefits cease three years after the accident, unless you have an impairment of 50% or more. If so, payments can continue until retirement age or unless common law damages are paid for lost earning capacity.

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