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Legal Trainees

Galbally and O’Bryan generally employ two legal trainees each year. Applicants are invited to submit an expression of interest between Jan 1st and Feb 20th in the year immediately preceding the proposed commencement date.

The expression of interest should be in the following format:

“I …… would be interested in applying for a traineeship for …. [year]. I can be contacted on ……… [email address preferable]”

You will be contacted within 14 days if invited to submit a formal application. If not contacted it can be assumed that there are no positions available.


Support Staff

Vacancies occur from time to time. If you would like to submit an expression of interest please use the form. If we have a vacancy we would contact you within 14 days and invite you to submit a resume.

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Expressions of interest:

Please submit your expression of interest using this form.