If you are injured in a car accident in Victoria, or interstate in a Victorian registered vehicle, then you are probably entitled to compensation under the Transport Accident Act.

You can also claim compensation if injured by train, tram or by an opening car door if riding a bike.

Accident compensation benefits can include payment of your hospital, medical expenses and loss of earnings. If you have sustained a permanent injury or a serious injury you may be entitled to lump sum compensation.

Check if you have a claim

Why is it important to get legal advice for your TAC Claim?

Strict time limits apply in relation to lodging your TAC claim and delay may mean you miss out on compensation.

Our experienced car accident claim lawyers, unlike the TAC, can provide independent advice to help maximise your TAC entitlements including lump sum compensation if eligible.

How can Galbally & O’Bryan help?

Over the past forty years we have successfully resolved for our clients thousands of TAC claims including many complex and prominent cases.

Galbally & O’Bryan can help you obtain your proper accident compensation entitlement from the TAC by:

  • Advising on your rights and entitlements.
  • Obtaining medical reports from doctors as needed so you can get paid appropriate TAC benefits.
  • Reviewing decisions of TAC on your claim and helping you dispute any incorrect decisions.
  • Applying to TAC for an impairment lump sum benefit if you are eligible.
  • Advising and if appropriate applying for a serious injury certificate and common law damages.

We offer:

  • No win-no charge” arrangements in most TAC compensation cases, the details of which we would explain and set out in writing.
  • Free telephone advice and free first consultation.


Our TAC and Personal Injury lawyers are available to provide advice.

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