1.Lump Sum Compensation is payable where the injury causes a degree of impairment of 10% or more.

2.If the injury causes the loss of a finger or toe or loss of the sense of taste or smell, lump sum compensation is available even if impairment is less than 10%.

3.Where an impairment entitlement exists, additional compensation is payable for non economic loss (pain and suffering) under a Statutory formula.

4.A claim cannot be made until the injury has stabilised, although there is provision to apply for an interim payment award in certain circumstances.

5.Once the insurer has made a final assessment of the degree of permanent impairment, no further amounts of compensation are payable in respect of any subsequent increase in the degree of impairment, unless the increase is 10% or more.

6.Payment of lump sum compensation for permanent impairment does not affect you entitlement to weekly payments or payment of medical and like expenses.

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