Conciliation Applications

If you wish to dispute any decision made by the WorkCover insurer you should lodge a Request for Conciliation form with the Accident Compensation Conciliation Service. A form can be obtained by contacting the service on telephone: 9940 1111 or downloaded from

The request for conciliation should be lodged within have 60 days of the date of decision, although time can be extended at the discretion of the Conciliation Service.

Once your application is lodged, a conciliation officer will be appointed to help sort out your dispute and will provide you with information in relation to the conciliation process. Conciliation is free.

In most cases the conciliation officer will arrange a meeting between yourself and the Insurer. You are not automatically allowed legal representation at the meeting but can bring a friend. If you are a member of a union you may be entitled to receive help from Union Assist.

Galbally & O’Bryan can help you with the conciliation process by:

  • Completing and lodging the conciliation request form.
  • Obtaining reports where appropriate from your doctors.
  • Advise on the process.

Appeals to Court

If the Conciliation Service cannot resolve your dispute you can issue Court proceedings.
Galbally & O’Bryan can advise you on this option.

Medical Panels

In some circumstances you can be referred to a Medical Panel to determine medical questions, such as your level of impairment or capacity to work.
The decision of the Medical Panel is generally binding.

Galbally & O’Bryan can help you with a workcover dispute.

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