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Superannuation or Insurance Disability Claims

If you are a member of a superannuation fund, and as a result of injury or illness have been rendered totally and permanently disabled, you may be entitled to payment of a benefit.

The definition of total and permanent disablement varies according to each Trust Deed but typically might be defined as “disablement (mental or physical) such that the member is unlikely ever again to be able to engage in employment for which the member is qualified by reason of education, training or experience”. In such circumstances you may be entitled to be paid out the balance held in your member account, plus any additional insured amount if payable, in accordance with the Trust Deed.

In addition if you have a personal insurance policy, such as income protection or sickness and accident insurance, you may be entitled to compensation for injury or illness under the policy.

We offer
Galbally & O’Bryan can assist you in making the application for a superannuation or insurance benefit. If your claim has merit we usually act on a “no win-no fee” basis. We would provide a retainer agreement which explains this arrangement.