Adverse medical outcomes can occur despite the best medical care. For medical negligence claims to succeed it must be proved that the poor outcome was caused by the negligence of the medical provider in falling below the expected standard of care. Proving medical negligence often requires a complex analysis of medical and legal issues. Galbally & O’Bryan has expertise in this specialised area of law and has on staff a medically trained lawyer who can investigate a potential claim and provide caring and understandable advice.

How can Galbally & O’Bryan help?

We will will investigate your claim:

  • To ascertain if you have been injured by medical negligence.
  • To advise of your potential compensation entitlement.

If appropriate we will issue legal proceedings for common law damages (compensation).

We offer

  • “No win-no charge” arrangements subject to conditions.
  • Free telephone advice and free first appointment if we think we can help you